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Where heritage and happiness come to play.

Camp L'man Achai is a Jewish overnight camp that combines an enriched Jewish atmosphere with the best recreation programs. Our camp's breathtaking panoramic view of the Pepacton Reservoir Valley and the surrounding mountains offer an opportune oasis for children to experience the warmth and beauty of their heritage in a safe, friendly, and warm environment.

CLA is about making people feel welcome and at home in a traditional Jewish  setting. It strives to let every camper take part in traditions they might not practice outside of camp and give them an opportunity to build meaningful and lifelong friendships, enjoy outdoor adventure and deepen their love of Judaism. We pride ourselves with A Heritage of Happy Campers.

Deaf Program

We are pleased to announce that we will once again be having a program for deaf children for summer 2015. The program is for Jewish
deaf boys between the ages of 8-16. The camp program will run
alongside our regular program along with deaf counselors and sign language interpreters, while providing these children with an unique Deaf-friendly experience in a Jewish camp. Nowhere else is there such a program for Jewish deaf boys in America, and we are thrilled that this gap is finally being filled.

The camp dates for this program are July 29th through August 18th. For more information please contact our deaf representative, Rabbi Yehoshua Soudakoff, by email at or call the camp office 718-436-8255 x107.

Our Philosophy


At Camp L’man Achai we take every precaution to ensure everyone’s safety. We thrive in fresh mountain air, with nutritious food and a well-rounded activity and recreation program.


At Camp L’man Achai we respect others and ourselves and learn to value the world that we live in.

Tradition / Yiddishkeit

An overnight camp experience provides a child with an opportunity to experience the warmth and beauty of their heritage in a friendly and warm environment.

At Camp L’man Achai we encourage every camper to take part in traditions they might not practice outside of camp. It is our hope that everyone develops a deeper love of Yiddishkeit after spending a summer at Camp L’man Achai.

Commitment to Growth

Camp L’man Achai fosters the personal growth of each individual by helping them learn about themselves, and others. Campers are taught new skills and encouraged to try new activities, while always making sure they understand to let others grow at their own pace. Through living and playing together, we get to know and appreciate one another. We learn how to accommodate and respect each other and our differences and, in the process, become good friends.


It is the hope of Camp L'man Achai that each of our campers has an incredibly fun summer. Our caring and enthusiastic staff is carefully chosen to ensure that every camper becomes part of our Heritage of Happy Campers, and create memories which will bring smiles for years to come.