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What’s so special about our staff? Everything!

They truly love what they do. They are caring and compassionate. They share a personal connection to the camp and foster a deep sense of family through their year-round gatherings at shabbatons and reunions. They are specially trained in self-improvement and social-development skills to help our campers prosper personally and socially. They share our vision of making each camper’s experience richly rewarding and a whole lot of fun. They are the reason so many boys come back summer after summer after summer. They are our remarkable staff at Camp L’man Achai.

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Senior Staff

Yitzchok Steinmetz – Camp Director
(718) 436-8255 x107

Ruda Heller – Medical Director

Moshe Levy – Aquatics Director

Rabbi Shmuel Kleinman – Dean
(718) 436-8255 x104

Yehuda Steinmetz – Administrator
(718) 436-8255 x103