News from Camp L’man Achai

Roller skating

The busses rolled in to camp at 10:30 while the campers were finishing learning groups, at 10:45 they were at line up and began loading the busses they were off on a trip.

They arrived at the roller skating rink and had a fascinating time. Skating, playing limbo and enjoying some time with their friends.

After lunch all the campers and staff headed to a nearby grocery and enjoyed a wonderful kosher scavenger hunt, scanning the isles for all the kosher items in the store. Everyone was surprised to see how many kosher items there were.

The next stop was a gorgeous park were the campers played volleyball, soccer and football followed by a delicious BB'Q supper.

Arriving back in camp save and sound all tired after such a long fun day, the campers had snacks, Davened the evening prayers and headed to bed, knowing that they'll need lots of energy for another exciting day in camp tomorrow.

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