About Us

Who We Are

Where heritage and happiness come to play.

Camp L’man Achai is a Jewish overnight camp that combines an enriched Jewish atmosphere with the best recreation programs. Our camp’s breathtaking panoramic view of the Pepacton Reservoir Valley and the surrounding mountains and above all offer an opportune oasis for children to experience the warmth and beauty of their heritage in a safe, friendly, and warm environment.

Camp L’man Achai is about making people feel welcome and at home in a traditional Jewish setting. It strives to let every camper take part in traditions they might not practice outside of camp and give them an opportunity to build meaningful and lifelong friendships, enjoy outdoor adventure and deepen their love of Judaism. We pride ourselves with A Heritage of Happy Campers.

Our Goal


Nothing to us is more important than safety and the guarantee of our camper’s physical and emotional wellbeing . That is why we pride ourselves in having an onsite EMT, nurse, aquatic director and highly trained lifeguards ensuring bright and happy days filled with excitment and ethusiam in the vast array of incredible activities.


At Camp L’man Achai we respect others and ourselves and learn to value the world that we live in.

Tradition / Judaism

We know that children learn best through example and we hope to provide a living, loving and breathing example of true Jewish heritage and religion. We aim to inspire and engage every individual in the warmth and richness of our Jewish heritage.

Commitment to Growth

We believe in assisting the personal growth of each individual by helping them discover their truly unique character, skills and abilities and those of others around them. We know growth is something every person experiences differently, that is why we persuade every child to attempt new ventures – to try new things and do so at their own pace.

It is the hope of Camp L’man Achai that each of our campers has an incredibly fun summer. Our caring and enthusiastic staff is carefully chosen to ensure that every camper becomes part of our Heritage of Happy Campers, and create memories which will bring smiles for years to come.

Our Grounds

A very special place to call

Home for the summer

Home away from home is what our compassionate, caring counselors strive for at Camp L’man Achai. From the tempting, delectable aromas wafting from our professional, kosher kitchens three times a day; the camaraderie of competition in our indoor gymnasium and many athletic fields; to the last minutes of the day as boys slip between the sheets of their cozy cabin beds. We provide our campers with the comfort, privacy and safety they deserve.


Beautiful Bunk Houses

Private bathrooms and showers

Dining Hall providing three family-style kosher meals daily

Healthy snacks served twice daily

On-site Health Care Center

Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball Court

Stunning Lake Front

Our Staff

What’s so special about our staff?

Our camp would never be the same without its incredible staffing body. Our staff are hand-selected for their incredible care, responsibility, professionalism and downright extraordinary devotion to their charge. Every staff member is but an irreplaceable piece in our incredible Camp Lman Achai family, each making sure every aspect of camp is enjoyable exciting and safe, creating a life-changing summer for every camper.